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Hear why 2 public school teachers started homeschooling 👩🏻‍🦱👩🏼 | 01
Welcome to The Homeschool Well podcast episode #1!  In this very first episode, we take a few moments to introduce ourselves and discuss our journeys as homeschooling mothers.  Neither of us set out to homeschool our children, but God led us here through our life circumstances, and we're so glad He did!
Listen in and we hope this blesses you,
Kim & Jenny

7 Steps for How to Start Homeschooling: Help for Homeschool  Moms 🙌| 02
Are you a homeschool mom thinking about homeschooling your kids? In today's episode, we give 7 Key Steps for how to get started homeschooling. We believe anyone can do it, and we're here walk you through it! 
Listen in, and we pray this blesses you!
Kim & Jenny

Christian Homeschool Must-Have: An Effective Morning Routine ☕ | 57
If you've floundered getting a morning routine, you'll find easy ways to start the day on the right foot in this episode. 
Christian Homeschooling only gets better when you ask the Holy Spirit to take over as soon as you start each day.
You'll hear why morning devotionals WITH your kids in the Word might be the best method for an effective routine.
You'll get specific ways to make it easy to create time with Him each day before you hit the academics. 
We're praying this inspires you to add morning devotionals to your homeschool lesson plans and that they strengthen your family's faith.
Be enlightened,
Kim & Jenny

Homeschool How-to: Convention, Sports, and Parent Panel 💁‍♀️ | 63
Today's podcast is an inaugural format intended to replicate something valuable from our homeschool journey, Parent Panels. We were greatly blessed by these which we attended together through our local homeschool support group.
We had monthly meetings. Then a few times of year, the support group brought together a handful of homeschool moms to share the challenges of their journey and answer our questions. We hope this format empowers you like the Parent Panels did for us with homeschool help, how-to's, homeschool news and we even added a few fun things for your kids to enjoy.
Kim & Jenny

Homeschool Organization: Practical tips for building a portfolio 😅 | 64
Are you looking for ideas on how to organize your homeschool portfolio?
When we meet with families, we find that most people don't know how to set one up, what to keep, or how to stay with it throughout the year.
Today we’re empowering you with useful tips and tricks on how to stay organized with this homeschool treasure and how to use it as a culmination at the end of the year. This info will be especially helpful if you are homeschooling in Florida.
So listen in and enjoy!
Kim & Jenny

History of Homeschool: A Trailblazer’s Story of Building a Thriving Community 🤝| 65
Homeschool mom, can you imagine a time when no one knew anything about homeschooling? Where, if you thought about educating your child at home you were considered pretty weird?
Today we're sharing a conversation with one of the trailblazers of the homeschooling movement in our county in Florida and the challenges she faced.
You'll learn why she started homeschooling in the first place and how she and a group of vanguard homeschool friends started the first homeschool co-op.
This led her to write a how-to book for families who want to start a homeschool co-op.
Gather around, listen in, and be inspired by this amazing mama who is one of the homeschooling pioneers.
Kim & Jenny

How do homeschool parents know what to teach? 5 Tips to get started! (How to start homeschooling) 📚 | 66
Are you feeling overwhelmed knowing what you should teach your children in your homeschool? Uncertain what your kid should know at their age/grade level?
You are not alone! We get these questions all the time.
Be encouraged, mama, because today we are going to share with you 5 ways that can help you determine what you should teach in your homeschool.
You’ll learn where to look to get guidelines and suggestions and if they are right for you.
By the end of this episode, you'll have some solid solutions for how to know what you should teach your child!
Get ready to learn ways to make homeschooling easier and actually enjoyable!
~Kim & Jenny

What’s your Homeschool Style? 3 Questions to ask yourself 😎| 61
Hi there, homeschool mom! Today we're talking about homeschool style and how nailing yours down will make your days easier and more enjoyable. We've got three key questions to help you figure it out and a quick QUIZ you can take to give you an answer.
Click here for the free quiz to discover your homeschool style.
Kim & Jenny

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