The Homeschool Well Jump Rope League

WEEKLY LIVE ONLINE CLASSES RUN Dec. 12th through Feb. 6th. Tuesdays at 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST.  Nine classes w/ recording available.

$55 per family (check out on this page).

All levels of jumpers are welcome! Many of our team members started out with no experience or skills and began to learn using no rope and a line on the ground. We are always amazed at how quickly kids progress to basic moves, then tricks and by the end of the session are making up their own moves! This is a lifelong healthy habit that anyone can learn.

What's Included:

1. Nine Interactive and Fun Jump Sessions.  Ms. Kim will lead these classes. The kids do not need to have a jump rope to participate. She'll teach them how to use their "invisible ropes" which will facilitate ease of access from any location and keep objects and other people from being hit w/ ropes. ;)

2. Visual Cue Cards & Practice Course: We’ll use in class and then post these two different resources from Ms. Kim and pro jump ropers, Nick and Kaylee Woodard of Learnin’ The Ropes.  Their visual cue cards w/ brief looping videos will help us learn new tricks each week and will be housed in the online forum to motivate each other to practice in between class sessions. Ms. Kim's pre-recorded practice classes are available on demand throughout the session and were recorded for the students to push play and practice along with her.

3. Safe and private online forum: Through our website, students will have the opportunity to post messages to teammates in our private, safe message forum and will be encouraged to post about their progress during the sessions.

How to access the 3 resources that come with the class:

Tuesdays Live Online Meetups:  Join in easily each week by logging into and going to the "Meetups" section of the "Jump Team Message Board". Each class will be recorded and available for replay throughout the session in that same section at the top of the "Meetups" section.

Visual Cue Cards and Jump Rope Practice Course: Visual Cue Cards will be in the "Jump Team Message Board" throughout the session. The practice course is in addition to the forum and is housed in the "My Library" section of your account. There are currently two classes in this course with plans to add more as we progress to advanced tricks.

The Homeschool Well Jump Rope League Forum: Once you check out, you will receive a prompt to log-in to access this forum where the "Jump Team Message Board" is housed.

It's a user-friendly website and private/safe space to grow an online community of support for your kids and you.  We are so excited to see everyone in there!

See ya' Tuesdays and until then, keep Jumpin’ for Jesus!

Questions? Please contact us!

Interested but not ready to commit? Get email updates about other upcoming Jump Team opportunities here.

$55 per family