Foundations of Handwriting Online Curriculum

We teach your child the correct way to form letters, right from the start!

(This class can be used for kids ages 4-8.  Please watch the class intro video to see if this class is right for your child. 😊)

What's included:

  • 6 Weeks of guided pre-recorded lowercase handwriting lessons and fun extension activities that your child can watch again and again (purchase the course once and it's yours forever!)
  • Quick lessons grouped by how letters are formed taught in an engaging way
  • Downloadable pdf "mini-books" for each set of lessons for tracing and practice
  • A customizable, motivating virtual gameboard so your child can track their progress as they move through the course


What People Are Saying:

This class really helped my daughter learn how to form her lower case letters so that she can write more smoothly and efficiently.

Shannon H.

Great practice for forming letters correctly! Teacher does really well to keep young children engaged. She explains how the letter should be formed in a way they can understand and gets them all practicing.

Fiona D.

This class was great practice for my son. The treasure map was great motivation to do the work each week. My son had fun and got some good practice in!

Jess C.